We design Pitch decks that tell a story Your audience can relate to

Our clients usually reach out to us with a presentation skeleton that outlines their ideas and the data they must to provide to their audience. We turn this raw information into a story that can be told and is easy to follow. Finally, we create a beautiful design that breathes life into the story and provides heaps of additional information that is delivered without any more words.

Each and every slide is custom designed to deliver the information the best way possible, while keeping a consistent style throughout the whole presentation.


Example Slides


The investors deck we designed for this client was used in their series A funding round in which they successfully raised $12 million. This is an example slide that helps visualizing the company's plans with new and existing clients. The slide is designed to help the CEO focus on any specific data he chooses during the presentation and the audience to get a clear picture about the number of large clients the startup has all around the world.


Both slides display the same data, however the design tells a story of business success that the audience understands immediately.

The slide before design.



*To keep our clients' interests intact we have replaced all private information in these slides to random data.