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About the client

Jumper is a cutting edge IoT startup based in Tel Aviv. The founders are experienced tech pros building tools for electronic engineers that redefine industry standards. 

We are with Jumper from the very beginning. Working together as an in-house product design team.



UI Design

UX Design

Marketing Material Design

 Jonathan Seroussi CEO & Co-founder, Jumper

Jonathan Seroussi CEO & Co-founder, Jumper

"I worked with many product and design people in the past, but never with folks as professional and delivery oriented like Polar Hedgehog. ... These guys are able to churn out high quality work with great speed. ... The combination of their product and design skills are the unique factor that keeps things focused on the business."

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The Vision taking shape

As most startups, Jumper needed to be able preview their future product to investors and potential clients. The key is to design an interface that tells the vision without the time we would normally spend on a complete UI/UX process.



We defined a memorable visual style that we consistently maintain in every communication that we design for the client.

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The core of Jumper's value proposition is built around their virtual device. Therefore we designed a simple idiom that We understood early on that the virtual device is a core element in most communications we design for this startup. To achieve a idiom


Key messages: mockup building for presentations, design consistency, the blue square as a unique elements that represents their virtual device and repeated everywhere