Live COLLABORATION For A Seamless Service

The person holding the welcome sign at the airport is just the visible part of a far larger collaboration between a broad range of companies providing a service from airport to hotel. MeetinPort is a platform that brings together, and syncs, all parties to ensure a smooth service even on the busiest days. 



Every booking is usually followed by three service providers, each with its own specific requirements regarding the information needed. While the passenger is in transit, live updates are critical to sync all relevant users on the progress and any necessary changes.

The interface was designed to be easy to scan with the most important details being clearly visible to allow maximum usability for professionals who are required to multitask.

Booking form for a new service with all the providers in a single step

A simplified booking process replaces the current email threads and phone calls.


Service providers use the mobile app to be in sync on upcoming services, and to send and receive live progress updates.

On tablets the app doubles as a sign, reducing preparation time before a shift and allowing easy last minute changes.