First Person Design Magic

Floor Plan is a browser based home design tool for both consumers and professionals. Floor Plan is entirely unique thanks to its natural use of a live 3D environment that allows users to design spaces the way they experience them.

Shortly after release, Floor Plan became a business success bringing numerous high value SaaS contracts with multinational corporations. Its main selling point is its innovative user experience.


Building Blocks of Story Telling

After developing a unique style, the next step was building a catalog of elements that will be our puzzle pieces to tell any story that the client needs to tell now and in the future.


Caption for this screenshot

PNG image-5523902F526B-1.png

Designing spaces in 3 dimensions requires developing easy to use manipulation tools. Being able to seamlessly switch between the two live environments is crucial to the overall experience.

PNG image-8BD822F0E3BF-1.png

Even though this is a complex design tool, we didn't want the UI to look and feel complicated. Therefore, we put effort into designing an interface that’s simple and intuitive, and accessible to a wide audience.

 Designing in the 2D environment while the 3D window displays the design changes live

Network map

This text will explain the illustration next to it. How it came to be, what were the design decisions, etc.


Reviewing each client's security risks