Jonathan Seroussi

"I worked with many product and design people in the past, but never with folks as professional and delivery oriented like Mor and Daniel. Being a startup, getting the product done right, but at the same time at great speed, often causes conflict between the product/design teams and the CEO. But not with PolarHedgehog. These guys are able to churn out high quality work with great speed. They were never the bottleneck. Polar Hedgehog designed our website from scratch, including the thorough work of creating design guidelines, choosing typefaces, color scheme, defining the main conversion objectives, refining messaging and more. The combination of product and design skills are the unique factor that keeps things focused on the business."

Jonathan Seroussi
CEO & Co-founder, Jumper

Alex Frenkel

"We hired Polar Hedgehog to design a mobile user experience for us that simplifies our startup idea to something that anyone can understand and use. The interface they designed was way better than what we expected! It also became an important tool for us in an extremely successful funding series.
Thanks guys!"

VP Product, Colu

Avi Sacajiu

"I reached out to Polar Hedgehog because we needed to bring in real usability expertise to our development process. Our partnership gave us exactly that. They helped us simplifying existing functions and designed new ones with strong focus on ease of use. I would definitely recommend Polar Hedgehog to anyone for whom user experience is crucial!"

CEO, Spreo